Rising Popularity in CBD Based Products Now Projected To Outpace Marijuana

Palm Beach, FL – April 25, 2019 – There is one sector in the rapidly growing in the cannabis market that stands out… and that is edibles. The Brightfield Group, a respected industry research firm, recently released a report that said: “ New Report Predicts CBD Market Will Hit $22 Billion by 2022 – Looking […]

Fierce Competition For Cannabis Cultivation Licenses Heat Up In U.S.

Palm Beach, FL – April 25, 2019 – Cannabis growers are seeking more land to generate more profits… and to keep the shelves full in dispensaries across North America. They need more land for more production… After all, they are the first step in the sales chain that is projected for continued growth. It all […]

MYM and One World Ventures Inc. Form “MYM One World LLC” to Cultivate, Extract and Distribute 3,000 Acres of CBD-Rich Hemp on the Navajo Nation

Vancouver, BC –  April 25, 2019 – MYM Nutraceuticals Inc., (CSE: MYM) (OTCBB: MYMMF) (“MYM” or “The Company”) is pleased to announce the formation of a Nevada Company, MYM One World LLC, to facilitate the joint multi-year co-operative agreement between MYM and Aqueous Sciences, a subsidiary of One World Ventures Inc (OWVI). The company and […]

Untapped Cannabis Market Offers Spectacular Growth Opportunities

CannabisNewsWire Editorial Coverage   Denver, CO – April 25, 2019 – The explosive growth recently seen in the cannabis industry presents a rare chance for savvy companies to profit in a virtually untapped market.   Legal marijuana market projected to reach $146.4 billion. United States and Canada current epicenter of cannabis growth. Brand recognition and […]

Global Gaming Market Revenues projected To Exceed $525 Billion By 2023

Palm Beach, FL – April 25, 2019 – In today’s world how many people still have a landline phone at home? Probably not many. How many people still carry a portable CD unit or a digital music device? Again probably not many. And finally how many even people still even carry a laptop to search […]