Why Cannabis Companies Will Be Targets For Mergers And Acquisitions In 2019

Palm Beach, FL – May 30, 2019  – As the global cannabis markets continue to grow and as the population continues to embrace CBD infused products, it is inevitable that non-cannabis companies with worldwide distribution networks will look to partner with cannabis companies to add CBD infused products to their existing brands. Companies like tobacco […]

Americans are Quickly Embracing Cannabis Products

Palm Beach, FL – May 30, 2019 –  As products laced with CBD find their way onto the shelves of Sephora, Barney’s, Estee Lauder, and Ulta Beauty, analysts believe the trend could be a significant catalyst. “We have seen a high level of interest in cannabis beauty from retailers over the past month based on […]

Demand for CBD Products Spurring Large Increase of Farming Operations Of Cannabis In U.S.

Palm Beach, FL – May 30, 2019 – “The demand for CBD products is exploding. At the moment the demand is far outpacing the supply,” said Heather Darby, a hemp expert at the University of Vermont Extension who has advised agricultural officials and prospective hemp cultivators in Massachusetts. “Farmers and businesses are scaling up production […]

P2P Payment Market Demand Continues to Rise as Consumers Look to Digital Wallets

FN Media Group Presents Microsmallcap.com Market Commentary   New York, NY – May 30, 2019 – In a world where convenience is key, peer to peer (P2P) payments services are being sought after by consumers to increase accessibility and allow for instant money transfers.  The Global P2P Payments Market has continued to grow exponentially thanks […]

Upcoming CBD Shortage is an Opportunity for Cost-Efficient Producers to Expand

New York, NY – May 30, 2019 – Few developments have been as game-changing for the cannabis industry as the U.S. Farm Bill. While demand for cannabis will remain strong over the upcoming years, experts are anticipating that the hemp industry will become a new big player in the marketplace. Ever since hemp agriculture was […]