Non-Invasive Cellulite Treatments and Devices Dominating Billion Dollar Market

Palm Beach, FL – August 14, 2019 – People with cellulite are not as happy as those without cellulite. That may seem to be self-evident, but now it is supported by studies. One such report, a study published by Surgical and Cosmetic Dermatology, found that regarding the psychology of patients with cellulite, nearly 50% of […]

Soliton Treats First Patients in Pivotal Cellulite Trial

Houston, TX – August 14, 2019 –- Soliton, Inc., (NASDAQ: SOLY) (“Soliton” or the “Company”), a medical device company with a novel and proprietary platform technology licensed from The University of Texas on behalf of the MD Anderson Cancer Center (“MD Anderson”), today announced that the company has treated the first patients in its pivotal […]

Europe’s Booming CBD Market Grows Will Grow More Than 400%

FN Media Group Presents Market Commentary   New York, NY – August 14, 2019 – In February, the World Health Organization recommended that the United Nations remove pot and its key components from a list of highly-controlled substances under international drug treaties. Since then, there has been rapid development towards regulation and capitalization of […]