CBD Edibles Companies are Struggling to Keep up with Consumer Demand

Palm Beach, FL – January 21, 2020 — Thanks to Cannabis 2.0, companies are selling out of CBD edibles – and fast.  So much so, the Toronto Sun refers to it as “Edibles Madness.”  The Ontario Cannabis Store website, for example, saw so much demand, the site crashed several times, while soft-chew items like gummies […]

Crisis and Opportunity: The Top Microgrid Stocks to Own for 2020

Palm Beach, FL – January 21, 2020 — When a 6.4-magnitude earthquake struck Puerto Rico in early January 2020, and a 5.9-magnitude earthquake days later, Puerto Rico was left without electricity.  However, microgrids installed at 10 schools continued to run.  While “the grid is down but the systems are working,” Roy Torbert, principal at RMI […]