Ares Strategic Mining Inc. Is Pleased to Announce the Appointment of Keith Minty, a Senior Mine Builder, to Oversee Its Fluorspar Mine Development, Construction and Commissioning

– Ares appoints Mr. Keith Minty P. Eng. MBA to coordinate the project development, construction, commissioning and operations of the Company’s Lost Sheep Fluorspar Mine.   – Mr. Minty is a past Northern Miner’s “Mining Man of the Year” recipient.   – Mr. Minty has extensive experience leading the construction and commissioning of nine mines […]

Consumer Electronic Devices Fueling Steady Demand for Lithium and Cobalt

Palm Beach, FL – August 19, 2020 – The global lithium-ion battery market size has been growing over the last few years and is expected to continue for several years in the future. Lithium-Ion, or Li-Ion batteries are a type of rechargeable battery that’s used in many applications, but most commonly in the electronics industry. […]