Ad Spending In The Video Advertising Segment Is Expected to Exceed $37 Billion In 2021

Palm Beach, FL – March 4, 2020 – Mobile device technology is projected to be the main driver of next years’ developments in Video Advertising. High mobile processing power together with new 5G internet connection speeds will allow more complex mobile video ad strategies. Formats such as live broadcasting, 360° panoramas, or virtual reality videos […]

VERB Readies Release Of Much Anticipated Interactive Video Integration With Microsoft Outlook; Offers Expansive Beta Program For Small Businesses Impacted By COVID

Newport Beach, CA and Salt Lake City, UT – March 04, 2021 — VERB Technology Company, Inc. (Nasdaq: VERB) (“VERB” or the “Company”), a rapidly emerging market leader in business-focused interactive video sales and marketing tools, including livestream ecommerce, CRM, and content management applications, today announced that in preparation for the global release of its […]

The $1 Trillion Electric Vehicle Boom Is Just Getting Started

FN Media Group Presents Market Commentary   London – March 4, 2021 – In 1894, chemist Pedro Salom probably never imagined he’d start what could soon become a $912 billion industry. His creation the Electrobat was unlike anything others had seen at that time…Or would again see for nearly another century. But where the […]