Platform as a Service (PaaS) Market Size Expected To Grow To $164.3 Billion By 2026

Palm Beach, FL – January 6, 2022 – News Commentary – The Platform as a Service (PaaS) market consists of sales from cloud-based platform services. PaaS is a cloud computing model that provides a platform to the customers to develop, run and manage applications over the internet. Revenue in the market is generated by […]

Online Gambling Industry Projected to Reach an Astonishing $565 Billion Value in 2022

Palm Beach, FL – January 6, 2022 – News Commentary – The online gambling industry is constantly evolving and catching up with technological trends, aiming to ensure the ultimate gambling experience for all players. Ever since the global pandemic began, the majority of the players were forced to switch from traditional brick-and-mortar casinos to […]

Bitcoin’s On-Chain Volume Increased By 317% Reaching $4.2 Trillion In 2021

Palm Beach, FL – January 6, 2022 – News Commentary – Bitcoin miners made more than $15 billion in revenue over the course of 2021, according to The Block Research. The estimate represents a year-over-year increase of 206%, per The Block Research’s 2022 Digital Asset Outlook Report. It should be noted that the estimate […]

Could A Graphite Shortage Derail The $3 Trillion EV Boom

FN Media Group Presents Market Commentary   London – January 6, 2022 – The $3-trillion EV market needs batteries that are 20-30% graphite–a material the U.S. currently doesn’t produce at all. That makes graphite a matter of national security in the global energy race.  Mentioned in today’s commentary includes:  Tesla Inc. (NASDAQ:TSLA), Nio Limited […]