Vegan Stocks Bolstered by Rising Interest in Textured Vegetable Protein (TVP) Options

FN Media Group Presents USA News Group News Commentary   Vancouver, BC – March 3, 2022 – USA News Group  –  Initially invented and patented in the 1960s to extend ground meat as a means of reducing costs without reducing nutritional value, Textured Vegetable Proteins (TVPs) have recently received a huge boost from growing demand […]

M&A Deals Top $5 Trillion for First Time Ever in 2021, No Signs of Slowing in 2022

NetworkNewsWire Editorial Coverage   New York, NY – March 3, 2022 – Merger and acquisition activity was completed at an almost frenetic pace in 2021, hitting the highest number of deals in more than three decades while crushing the all-time record for dollar amount. After some slowdowns in 2019 and 2020 owing to the coronavirus […]

Lidar, Cameras, Action: Not All Cars See the Same

NetworkNewsWire Editorial Coverage   New York, NY – March 3, 2022 – People have been dreaming about self-driving cars for nearly as long as cars have been around, arguably even longer when considering da Vinci’s vision back in the 1500s. While the reality of fully autonomous vehicles remains in small pilot trials today, the industry […]

Nepra Foods to Disrupt the Mac ‘n Cheese Category with Their First-ever High Protein, Plant-Based, Gluten and Dairy-Free Alternative

Vancouver, BC – March 3, 2022 – Nepra Foods Inc. (“Nepra”) (CSE:NPRA)(FSE:2P6F)(OTCQB:NPRFF), the creator of nutritious plant-based and allergen-free food, is pleased to announce the creation of its nutrient-packed plant-based macaroni and cheese heat-and-eat meals. Nepra’s latest innovation will be part of its PROPASTA product lineup to be debuted March 8-12 in Anaheim, California at […]