Research and Development of Advanced Therapeutics for Ovarian Cancer Fueling Hope

Palm Beach, FL – December 1, 2022 – News Commentary – The global ovarian cancer market is projected to continue to grow through the coming several years. The formation of mutational cells or tissues in female reproductive organs called ovaries leads to ovarian cancer. Cancer remains undetected until the mutation spreads to the stomach […]

Optimism Building for Advancing Pancreatic Cancer Treatment Therapies

Palm Beach, FL – December 1, 2022 – News Commentary – Pancreatic cancer accounts for over 3% of all types of cancers in US. A lethal type of cancer, pancreatic cancer starts in the pancreas of the human body when abnormal cells in the pancreas grow and divide out of control and form a […]

BioVaxys Announces Successful Test-Run Production of its Bi-Haptenized Ovarian Cancer Vaccine

Vancouver, BC – December 1, 2022 – BioVaxys Technology Corp. (OTCQB: BVAXF) (CSE: BIOV) (FRA: 5LB)  (“BioVaxys” or “Company”) is pleased to announce the successful sterile and bacteria-free test-run production of BVX-0918, the Company’s bi-haptenized autologous ovarian cancer vaccine.   The complete manufacturing of BVX-0918 from a cancer patient’s ovarian tumor now validates the production […]