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New York, NY – January 20, 2021 –  On October 10, 1962, JFK signed into law a little-known act that helped put a massive $1.25 trillion industry on the map. And today, the trillion-dollar pharmaceutical industry is being pushed to make a shift.  Mentioned in today’s commentary includes:  AbbVie Inc. (NYSE: ABBV), NewAge, Inc. (NASDAQ: NBEV), The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company (NYSE: SMG), Aphria Inc. (NASDAQ: APHA), The Green Organic Dutchman Holdings Ltd. (OTCQX: TGODF).


This is a new way to create safe, proven treatments while saving companies significant amounts of money…Treatments that could help ease common ailments that plague millions of folks each year like chronic pain, inflammation, migraines, and more.


It could have tremendous implications for the future of the biotech market. That’s because the 1962 Kefauver Harris Amendment helped make sure the medications we take are both safe and effective…But that often came with long, arduous review processes that left desperate people waiting years for relief.


In 2020, however, we’ve seen a massive shift take place in the biotech industry thanks to the fast-tracked COVID vaccine…Proving that with today’s technology, it’s finally possible to cut through the red tape in the process…Delivering the potential to produce treatments and vaccines that are both safe and effective at record speeds. And now, the next possible breakthrough in health sciences is in the perfect position to capitalize on that in 2021 and the little known company at the forefront is called Juva Life (JUVA; JUVAF).


Many of the companies in this market are seeing incredible gains this year.


Harborside, Inc., a San Francisco-based dispensary operator, saw shares soar 423% in just 9 months. Indus Holdings, another manufacturer and distributor in the Bay Area, launched for extraordinary 528% gains in 2020. But some investors are keeping their eyes on another young company near San Francisco that has big plans in store.


In December, their shares were up an impressive 44% in just three weeks. But with a target to do things differently, they have even greater plans in the months to come.


Juva Life (JUVA; JUVAF) aims to have a large database for evidence-based cannabis treatments…And they’ll soon have the facilities to take that valuable data proving what works best and for who…And turn it into an asset that could potentially make them an instant acquisition target.


A New Path for Safe, Effective Treatments


The start of this massive boom began in California, when they legalized medical marijuana with overwhelming support in 1996. Since then, dozens of other states and entire nations have jumped onboard…And the global cannabis industry is expected to reach an incredible $57 billion by 2025.


That’s helping to ease the suffering of countless people around the world struggling with conditions from migraines and chronic pain to cancer.In fact, in a breakthrough study, 92% of patients said that medical marijuana was helpful in alleviating their symptoms. But in this booming industry, there’s been one huge problem.


With federal laws still classifying medical marijuana as a Schedule I drug, it’s stifled their ability to conduct the studies proving the incredible effects that individuals have been reporting for years. That’s why Juva Life (JUVA; JUVAF) has aimed to create a very detailed database, unlocking a whole new world of opportunities. It’s expected to be the first major database compiling data for proven, effective treatments in this long-overlooked area.


So rather than going through a process that can cost up to $2.6 billion to develop a new treatment through the FDA…And can take up to a decade of time…Juva Life will use an IRB-approved process that could lead to effective treatments with just a fraction of the cost and time.


But the most exciting part is that after they’ve compiled the data…Juva Life plans to use artificial intelligence (AI), proprietary software, and their team’s collective decades of experience to create proprietary versions of the most effective, proven treatments.


Already Driving Revenue – And the Pace is Picking Up


With their new database set to open new opportunities, Juva Life (JUVA; JUVAF) has also been busy driving revenue through the other arm of their business.


While it usually costs over $2 billion to develop new treatments the old way through the FDA…They are aiming to cut years, billions of dollars, and lots of risk out of the process because of the IRB-approved processes they can conduct their research through.


Juva Life has pinpointed what they see as strategic holes in the market all around the San Francisco area, including retail and delivery services. And they opened operations in Redwood City and Stockton in 2020


They’ve been delivering the best, most trusted products to the area for several months already…But soon, they plan on creating and distributing their own in-house brands.


They’ve already received local approval to open their production facility shortly, and they’re expected to be producing their own products within 6-8 months. The revenue Juva Life has already been able to drive from a secondary asset is important. Particularly during a year when many businesses have been shuttered due to the pandemic and government shutdowns.


In the coming weeks, they hope to have the new database off the ground, then later enrolling patients in the studies that could modernize parts of the biotech industry. At the same time, they’re expected to begin cultivating their own products which could soon become the most trusted, evidence-based brand on the markets.


And with Juva Life (JUVA; JUVAF) pioneering a model that could save the big players piles of cash in the drug development process, if it works as planned this could make draw major attention as a potential acquisition target in the near future. It’s an opportunity that could disrupt a part of the entire industry.


The Cannabis Boom Is Drawing In Many Different Industries


AbbVie Inc (NYSE:ABBV) is first and foremost a research-based biopharmaceutical company. Its team of top scientists focus on technology and innovation to create sustainable growth and address some of the world’s biggest medical dilemmas.


So what does AbbVie have to do with cannabis? A lot, in fact. AbbVie is one of the pioneers of marijuana-based treatment in the biopharmaceutical industry, realizing the potential of its once-cornerstone product, Marinol, years ahead of the competition.


While the drug had a good run with AbbVie, the company offloaded its rights to Marinol to Alken Labs for $10 million in 2019. In the more recent months, AbbVie has shifted its focus to technology and hardware, inking a deal in early January to acquire Allergan Aesthetics.

is a Colorado-based company with a focus on all things health and wellness. While it had a strong run as a CBD beverage company, it recently underwent a makeover, changing its name to reflect its growing range of wellness products. And though CBD beverages and beauty products still represent a significant portion of its sales, the decision to branch out was obvious considering how quickly the health and wellness market is growing, and how intertwined the two industries are.


NewAge is one of the few companies in this industry that emerged from 2020 even stronger than it began. And this year may even be better. Since the first day of trading in 2021, NewAge has already seen its stock price jump by 15%, and it’s just getting started.

The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company (NYSE:SMG)
is a rather unique way to play the cannabis boom. While the connection may be obvious to some, it’s not widely recognized its role in the industry. Scotts is a household name for many thanks to its lawn care brands, Miracle Gro and its Round Up pesticide, but it has been quietly expanding into the marijuana scene for some time with a series of hydroponic developments and acquisitions. And it’s easy to see why.


Scotts has a pretty strong stance on marijuana legalization. On the company’s website, it explains, “Congress should honor the principles of federalism and states’ rights by passing legislation that respects the will of voters and state legislatures that have elected to adopt their own approach to authorizing the use of cannabis within their boundaries.”


Scotts is looking to take advantage of this in a big way. In fact, its hydroponics sales topped $700 million last year, and as the legalization push continues to grow, so too will its sales. Thanks to its approach to the industry, Scotts has drastically outperformed the wider weed market, and was practically unfazed by the COVID-sparked market downturn in 2020.


Aphria Inc (NASDAQ:APHA), currently valued at just over $3.5 billion, is a giant in the industry. The Ontario-based cannabis company has operations in more than 10 countries and distributes medical cannabis across the globe. Thanks to its big-picture approach to the industry, Aphria has been able to thrive while many of its peers have stumbled.


Recently, in anticipation of wider U.S. legalization, Aphria entered into a $300 million deal to acquire SweetWater Brewing, one of the biggest craft beer brewers in the United States. The purchase aims to help Aphria capitalize on the growing “lifestyle” market associated with both craft beer and high-end cannabis.


Aphria Chairman and CEO Irwin Simon noted, “We will establish and grow our U.S. presence through SweetWater’s robust, profitable platform of craft brewing innovation, manufacturing, marketing and distribution expertise.”

The Green Organic Dutchman (OTCQX:TGODF)
is primarily a research and development company focusing on cannabinoid-based products. Most of its products are dried organic cannabis, oils and edibles, but it also is involved in breeding plants to create new strains and distributing seeds for medical applications.


Recently, the Canada-based Dutchman announced that it has been approved to export medical cannabis to Europe. Sean Bovingdon, Interim CEO of TGOD, commented, “This is an important milestone as we get ready to begin the international shipping of our certified organically grown medical cannabis products.”


The Green Organic Dutchman had a rough first half of 2020 like most of its competition, shedding over half of its market cap from January to April. Since then, however, the Dutchman has staged somewhat of a comeback, especially since the beginning of this year. Since January 4th, the Dutchman has seen its share price climb by 42%, and this is just the beginning.


By. Zara Newman




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