Bioxytran Scientific Advisor Releases New Book on Brain Metabolism

The book contains all aspects of brain energy metabolism and other physiological functions related to Cortical Spreading Depression which is the essence of how the brain consumes oxygen.

Boston, MA – October 25, 2022 – BIOXYTRAN, INC. (OTCQB:BIXT), (the “Company”), a clinical stage biotechnology company developing oral drugs to treat COVID-19 and other viral causing diseases announced that Bioxtran’s Scientific Advisor Prof. Avraham Mayevsky’s book titled Cortical Spreading Depression of Leão From Mitochondrial Function to Brain Metabolic Score (BMS) (ISBN: 978-3-031-08068-5) was published this month, by the well-known publishing house, Springer. It is available by eBook or Hardcover. The book is directly tied to Bioxytran’s Hypoxia platform technology which uses Oxysense; an analytical method that utilizes the MDX Viewer, which is an FDA approved device to measure tissue oxygenation. Oxysense measures the consumption of oxygen in tissues on a cellular level. Oxysense produces the Brain Metabolic Score (“BMS”), which is a vital part of the approval process for Bioxytran’s acellular oxygen carrier (“AOC”) molecule called BXT-25. Bioxytran has the exclusive license to use the MDX Viewer in clinical research, and plans on using the BMS in its clinical trials for ischemic stroke.

The book is a compilation of 50 years of research by Prof. Mayevsky during which time he published more than 60 scientific articles summarizing the experimental data he discovered. The book expands on the concept of Cortical Spreading Depression (“CSD”) in brain animal models. CSD is a phenomena whereby increased blood flow results in a lower Electroencephalogram (“EEG”), which is a measure of brain activity. Typically, increased blood flow is good, but in 1996, Prof. Mayevsky published his first paper related to his detection of a CSD event for the 1 st time in the brain of a neurosurgical patient. Eventually this discovery and others led to the invention of the MDX Viewer device which is FDA approved to measure tissue oxygenation using an algorithm that measures Tissue Metabolic Score (TMS) in real-time.

“Having the ability to measure tissue oxygenation in real-time opens up a whole new paradigm in drug development” said Bioxytran’s Scientific Advisor, Prof. Avraham Mayevsky. “The entire model of existing drug development relies on clinical outcomes which are somewhat subjective in nature to determine efficacy. Here we have a technology that measure in real-time the consumption of oxygen by the organ. What is beyond dispute is scientific premise that organs that consume more oxygen are healthier than those that do not. The MDX Viewer was conceived from this premise that external stimuli can change the consumption of oxygen in an organ and that this change up or down could be measured in real-time. Simply put, if a Tissue metabolic score increases the patient is improving or if it decreases the patient is getting worse. This new biomarker takes the guesswork out of clinical outcomes and might be considered a surrogate biomarker for any disease indication in the future. The future of drug development could be a miniaturized MDX viewer worn on the wrist that prognosticates adverse events in real time and tracks a patient’s efficacy to the drug. This book could open up a whole new chapter in drug development that relies on a single vital sign that could determine efficacy simplifying the clinical trial development process by orders of magnitude.”

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