Canadian Company Becomes The World’s Largest Cannabis Producer

TORONTO, CANADA AND KINSHASA, DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF THE CONGO (DRC) – NOV. 5, 2018 –Canadian based company Instadose Pharma Corp., a wholly owned subsidiary of Excellence Health Group Inc., has become the largest cultivator and pharmaceutical producer of CBD oil. The company received the only licence granted in the DRC to import, export, cultivate and process CBD oil from cannabis.


Instadose Pharma is an agricultural and pharmaceutical firm that has had a partnership in traditional growing in the DRC for 5 years.


The land under cannabis cultivation is over 100,000 hectares, producing CBD Oil that is GMP certified and pharma grade 99.7% CBD. The company is the largest agricultural grower in the DRC and has a production capacity of 900,000 litres per year, with the largest agricultural presence in the entire DRC.


This news has created an unanticipated blow to the market price of the world oil sector. If the company releases oil that is of the highest quality in the world market at a price that devalues the entire index, what will happen to all the licenced producers in this sector?


The fact is that DRC production is the most sophisticated facility for oil production. It is not only GMP certified but pharmaceutically accredited with EU Pharmacopeia standards. The leaders in the industry cannot produce oil in any other regions at this price. Instadose Pharma Corp. is also located in Colombia, Argentina and Chile, however, the ideal cost of producing and growing cannabis in the DRC makes South America non-competitive.


Grant F. Sanders, CEO, of Excellence Health Group Inc. said: “This is potentially a disruptive flow to the cannabis sector regarding oil production and prices. Our facilities and production will increase accordingly as the world market and prices dictate. We are selling our oil with off-take agreements worldwide including Canada, with the first release of 90,000 litres. Our firm price scale will illustrate the cost to produce in our facility. This will have a rapid effect on the industry for not only producers but the retail customer base. I have great concerns about the reaction of this news with licenced producers and the public investment sector.”


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