Cannaone CEO Riby-Williams provides update

Toronto Ontario, Canada – February 26, 2019 – CannaOne Technologies Inc. (CSE:CNNA) – Mr. Solomon Riby-Williams reports:


Cannaone Technologies Inc. has provided this corporate update to the investment community as it pertains to the efforts of the organization to endeavour to successfully expand its global business initiatives during 2019/2020.


Solomon Riby-Williams, president/chief executive officer, stated: “The company is taking considerable strides towards laying the foundation for the successful achievement of its corporate goals and objectives over the next 24 months. We are presently in discussions and negotiations with parties as it specifically relates to the joint development and launch of proprietary on-line marketplaces for multiple countries in Asia and Europe.


“Further, we are pursuing similar business prospects in certain North American states and provinces whereby we can take full advantage of the monumentally disruptive economic opportunity afforded us by offering the industry a turnkey platform for the deployment of medical cannabis services and solutions to medical practitioners and general consumers at large. A highly fragmented medical cannabis market in North America offers Cannaone a pathway to uniquely position itself to its potential partners or clients, as not only a developer and operator of an innovative marketplace and turkey platform, but also as a consolidator, manager and overseer of extremely informative and valuable cannabis user data.”


Mr. Riby-Williams additionally reports: “It is also clear to our company that the acquisition of ancillary operators in the cannabis market sector has the distinct capability to significantly expedite and exponentially increase our revenue expectations. With this in mind, we presently have undertaken financial due diligence on potential purchase targets in the CBD market sector that could provide to us established and verifiable distribution networks and easily quantifiable near-term financial returns and profitability.


“Of final key note at present, we are currently in direct dialogue with industry experts interested in joining our company as board members or strategic advisers. Such individuals being sought after possess specific expertise not only from the cannabis sector, but from the more mainstream and vast on-line retail, payment processing or product fulfilment fields.


“We are ever confident in the strategic decisions we have made as an organization to focus a majority of our current business directives towards those where we can fulfill immense global market potential available to us, given our unique capabilities to service and manage unparalleled cannabis user data and analytical information over the coming years. It is in the pursuit of this footprint that we believe our greatest opportunity for sustained and systematic long-term growth and prosperity will exist for our business enterprise and our shareholder base.”


About Cannaone Technologies Inc.

Cannaone has developed Bloomkit, the first product in the Bloom Product Suite, a turnkey enterprise software solution that can be utilized by any business-to-consumer cannabis company. The Bloomkit product was developed with modular dynamic features in mind, such as the capability to offer unique themed on-line storefronts for dispensaries, to inherently monitor and track pickup and delivery logistics, and to deliver historical and current trending analytics to ensure optimal management of medical and recreational sales channels.


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Source:  Cannaone Technologies Inc.