A Medical Breakthrough Attained by Global WholeHealth Partners, Corp as a Leading Researcher, Believes a Dementia Diagnostics Test will save Lives

San Clemente, CA – April 20, 2021 – Global WholeHealth Partners Corp (OTC: GWHP), a multinational supplier of over 70+ FDA Approved Diagnostic Tests attains breakthrough on rising neurological disease.   Global WholeHealth Partners now has the means to identify and test for Dementia using a Micro-Well Reader or Lateral Flow Test to measure the […]

Global WholeHealth Partners Corp. (GWHP): The Commentary for Submitting the (EUA) Application # PEUA201789 Date 09/14/2020: for the Global Antigen CoViD19 SARS2 Rapid Test as Mentioned in the 8K Filing on 09/15/20

San Clemente, CA – October. 29, 2020 –  Global WholeHealth Partners Corp. (OTC MKTS: GWHP): The Antigen CoViD19 will be a point-of-care settings, like a doctor’s office, emergency room, or some schools. This test has been authorized for use in patients suspected of COVID-19 by their healthcare provider within seven days of symptom onset. Given the […]