Cyberfort Software (CYBF) to Expand Data Protection Portfolio with Acquisition of Just Content App

San Francisco, CA – March 6, 2019 – Cyberfort Software, Inc. (OTC: CYBF) announced today that it signed a purchase agreement to acquire Just Content Software, a multi-platform ad-blocking and content filter app. The acquisition will assist the Company in developing new solutions to tackle cyber threats and attacks.


Consumers are becoming increasingly conscious of their need for data protection and informed of existing cyber security threats ( In order to aid both their security and peace of mind, Cyberfort Software is ambitiously developing robust solutions across multi-platforms to fortify the online security of both individuals and businesses.


Just Content is an efficacious and multi-functional ad blocking app currently available on iTunes and the iOS AppStore ( The app utilizes proprietary “Home Safe Filter” and “Business Filter” products to help safeguard families and businesses from unsafe links, adult content, phishing sites and inflammatory hate speech found on the Internet.


As Cyberfort continues its journey to become a leader in developing cutting-edge ad-blocking protective software, our focus remains on providing Internet safety for families and business. This has been a growing concern in our highly technological and immediate information-access society. Acquiring Just Content furthers our commitment to provide the best and most effective ad-blocking software in the marketplace,” explained Cyberfort Software CEO Daniel Cattlin.


Just Content will be added to Cyberfort’s growing portfolio of data protection solutions which already includes, ad-blocking app Vivio. Per the purchase agreement, Cyberfort Software will tender shares of its stock for Just Content and provide the capital to further develop a Just Content App and a negotiated development budget through the calendar year of 2019.


We, at Just Content, have been working with Cyberfort Software for quite some time now and are delighted to take our partnership to the next level. Just Content has provided the highest security content blocker apps since 2015 and we work tirelessly to constantly improve our app and technology. This partnership couldn’t have come at a better time for the Just Content team, its users and everyone who values security and privacy” stated Just Content founder Krishna Kumar.


“We are thrilled to welcome the Just Content team to the Cyberfort family and their sophisticated solution to our portfolio. Our partnership will provide business and individual users with increasingly comprehensive and adaptable tools that protect and defend the data and integrity of their computing assets. We have had an exciting start to 2019 and we expect to have new groundbreaking solutions to bulk the cybersecurity” added Cattlin.


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Cyberfort Software Inc. is a cyber security technology company dedicated to improving the digital lives, privacy and security of end users and organizations. It targets the worldwide Cyber Security market by specializing in the acquisition and development of security software, content filtering and ad-blocking technology.


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