GDET Introduces Hemp Derived CBD Products Made In The USA For $22 Billion Marketplace

Fort Lee, NJ – April 2, 2019 – GD Entertainment And Technology (OTCPK: GDET) (“GDET” or the “Company”) today introduced its all new hemp derived CBD products that will be for sale under the Company’s new “The Greenery” label with an official launch date scheduled for April 20th, 2019, the annual 420 celebration day for cannabis liberalization.  With the legalization of hemp farming in the United States under the 2018 Farm Act recently signed into law by President Trump, GDET’s CBD products are all made in the USA.  The products are also Kosher and Halal compliant.  The initial product line from The Greenery includes two gel caps, one oil and one salve which are all Non-GMO, Eco friendly and full spectrum.  The CBD market is anticipated to reach $22 billion by 2022.  Read below to learn more about GDET’s first CBD products.


What is CBD?


CBD, or cannabidiol, is a compound found primarily in the flowers and leaves of the hemp plant. Hemp is a cannabis plant but different from marijuana.  CBD is one of many powerful cannabinoids found in hemp and is known for supporting the body and mind in a multitude of ways.  CBD is markedly different from THC, or Tetrahydrocannabinol, the compound found primarily in marijuana that is a psychoactive agent and accounts for the “high” described in regard to marijuana use.


From a Recent Article in Rolling Stone:


CBD, a non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in cannabis, has had a surge in popularity over the past couple of years. Unlike THC, the chemical compound that gives weed its signature effect, CBD has been shown to help with everything from PTSD and anxiety to MS and epilepsy — without getting you high.


“What we started tracking this year was an explosion — face mask, bug bites, skin care, topicals,” says Bethany Gomez, director of research for the Brightfield Group, who shared the analysis exclusively with Rolling Stone. “It’s being used for everything you can think of — sports, triathlons. People want to buy it for their grandma, for arthritis. Women get it for PMS and endometriosis — common things that people have been using over the counter medications.”


The Greenery Initial Product Line


The Greenery product line will initially consist of four products.  Plans call for the product line to expand over time.  The first four products are all Made In The USA, Full Spectrum, Kosher, Halal, NON-GMO, ECO Friendly, and Organic.  The Greenery is introducing two different softgel cap dosages, one oil and one salve:


10mg SoftGels (Bottled 30 ct)

An easy way to add Full Spectrum CBD to a daily routine.  The hemp derived CBD delivered in a softgel capsule provides support for normal, everyday stress* and recovery from exercise*.  It’s that easy to get into a hemp extract routine. Contains 10mg of CBD per capsule.


25mg SoftGels (Bottled 30 ct)

An easy way to add a little more Full Spectrum CBD to a daily routine.  The hemp derived CBD delivered in a softgel capsule provides support for normal, everyday stress* and recovery from exercise*.  It’s that easy to get into a hemp extract routine. Contains 25mg of CBD per capsule.


250mg Tincture (Bottled)

A 250mg Full Spectrum CBD Tincture provides an easy way to support health* and wellness*. It can be added to food or drink, or taken under your tongue. 250mg is ideal for maximum relief*.


250mg Slave (Bottled)

Designed to use anywhere on the body, from hands to feet, this 250mg CBD Hemp Salve is also safe to use on the face and other sensitive areas. The all-natural and organic ingredients blend quickly and smoothly into the surface of the skin to provide immediate relief* and rejuvenation*.


* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


GDET – Diversified High-Growth Enterprise Portfolio Company


GDET is a diversified high-growth enterprise portfolio company and in addition to its new cannabis enterprise, the company recently announced Cryptocurrency “cold storage card” offered by DreamCard, a GDET subsidiary specializing in fully customizable and premium quality credit/debit cards. Cold storage empowers cryptocurrency to be stored more safely offline.  Online exchanges and third-party wallets hold private keys on behalf of clients. This makes exchange storage riskier than cold storage in regard to the keys being out of client direct control.  There is currently no guarantee that replaces Cryptocurrency if they are lost or stolen.  The Cryptocurrency cold storage market is forecasted to reach more than $15 billion by 2025.


GDET Named Best Pure Play in Three Fastest-Growing Industries in Research Report Issuing $0.06 Target PPS


GDET recently announced that Goldman Small Cap Research issued a research report on the Company. The report includes a target price-per-share of $0.06. The  report reviews recent events and provides an analysis of GDET’s new initiatives. To view the research report, along with disclosures and disclaimers, visit


About GDET

GD Entertainment & Technology, also known as GDET, focuses on high growth industries to fulfill a diverse selection of premium products nationwide. The company currently manufactures, wholesales, and markets a portfolio of blockchain/financial service-based products. GDET strives to become one of the premier Cryptocurrency mining facilities that is client-focused and dedicated to creating a new standard in the Blockchain space based on security and transparency. GDET has also developed a strong relationship with suppliers worldwide to ensure future purchasing. The company currently has two subsidiaries, DreamCard and HyperDigital Technologies, which both offer a selection of transactional-based products and services. DreamCard allows users to create a customizable debit or credit card using its state of the art online platform. HyperDigital Technologies is the Cryptocurrency ATM sector of GDET and aims to secure multiple MSB, money services business, licenses in order to host ATM units throughout the country.


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