Good Gaming Inc. Publishes Medium Post For Its Community Detailing The Roadmap For The MicroBuddies(TM) PFP Project

Kennett Square, PA –  September 13, 2022 – Good Gaming, Inc. (OTCQB: GMER) (the “Company”), an innovative brand creating unique interactive entertainment experiences across the gaming segment since 2008, today announced it has published a medium post aimed at drawing out their roadmap, while also tying together the long-term goals and strategies for their MicroBuddies™ Web3 Gateway.


Water Bear PFPs — The Collectible Web3 Gateway

The Water Bear PFP project is Good Gaming’s way of hitting the more traditional routes explored by Web3 natives since the project is based on Ethereum and is a more familiar PFP project.


Because the Company is intensely focused on collectability along with their other initiatives, they will be creating cross-platform functionality back to the MicroBuddies™ base game. The Company is happy to announce that its PFPs will also double as membership tokens. Not only will this membership have great benefits and utility, but it will also be a pivotal complement to all of the Good Gaming initiatives tying experiences together and rewarding their MicroBuddies™ holders and GOO farmers. Becoming a member will be as easy as owning a Water Bear PFP, which will open the door to the following benefits:


Multiple Collectable Minting Opportunities

All Gen 0 MicroBuddies™ holders will receive a free Water Bear PFP for every Gen 0 they own. On September 15, 2022, Good Gaming will take a snapshot of all current Gen 0 owners to create a final eligibility list for a free mint. As a bonus, one holder of each of the Water Bear Sneak Peeks will be airdropped the exact Water Bear PFP featured. Any holder who has collected all 13 Water Bear Sneak Peeks will be airdropped a guaranteed Dark DNA Water Bear for free. The Dark DNA Water Bear will be highly collectible as they will be the rarest DNA in the entire collection. Our public mint will come on a first-come, first-serve basis at the price of $0.99 in ETH. The total supply will be limited to 5,555. The public mint will last three days (72 hours), and the Gen 0 free mint will be available for two weeks. At the end of the two-week period, the reveal will occur, GOO feeding will begin, and all unminted Water Bears will go to a treasury wallet for future use, whether for promotion, delineation as we grow, or for burning.


The Alpha Group

The MicroBuddies™ Alpha group will be a closed community of members who hunt, gather, and share exclusive information about other projects and opportunities in the Web3 space. In a traditional NFT Alpha group, these opportunities are generally limited to the NFT space, but ours will also expand into the crypto sphere and will even go as far as discussing the broader macroeconomic state. Our goal is to build a robust community of individuals who understand the Web3 space and can create and share valuable opportunities within the group. Good Gaming plans to partner MicroBuddies™ with other projects to provide direct allow lists, airdrops, and speaker events to the community for their Alpha group to create powerful network effects.


Web3 Toolset

Another significant benefit for MicroBuddies™ Alpha group members will be a series of Web3 tools and resources, which will include:


  • Web3 Security Courses — This series of courses will be designed to help members feel more confident navigating Web3 without fear of having their wallets drained/stolen via scams and other nefarious means.
  • Minting strategies — Members will learn the ins, outs, and tricks to securing a slot on an allow list/minting in highly anticipated mints during a public sale. What factors should you consider when deciding whether to flip an NFT on the secondary markets or hold? When should you even mint vs. buy on secondary?
  • Minting & Security Events — MicroBuddies™ will feature smart contracts on a safe blockchain testnet where members can test their minting skills in races, get familiar with quickly configuring gas settings, and interact with mock scam contracts (yes, players will have to put their security skills to the test and avoid scams while racing to mint vs. other users and bots in our testnet events.


Web3 Onboarding & Educational Courses

Membership in our MicroBuddies™ Alpha group will include efforts to help members achieve a heightened understanding of the crypto, blockchain, and Web3 spaces. Another goal of launching the Alpha group is to help traditional gamers with little to no knowledge of the Web3 space become well versed in the opportunities present in the space and the skills and understanding to achieve the full benefit of their efforts. Our community education effort puts Good Gaming in a unique position to help shape the narrative around Web3 and show a broad spectrum of gamers that Web 3 isn’t just a space earmarked by scarcity and exclusion; it is also an emerging branch of gaming that can feature highly engaging communities and valuable experiences filled with fun and value building opportunities. The Company will explain why this technology is useful, why it’s important, why it’s fun, and how to use it successfully. With the knowledge and education Good Gaming will provide its Alpha group members, everyone will come out well prepared to join our community and take their experience to the next level with our PFP memberships.


Douglas “Fluxty” Wathen, Good Gaming Crypto and Gaming Director stated, “We are very excited to finally give our community an open view to our roadmap and strategies relating to our Water Bear PFP project and how we plan on tying in our Web3 Gateway with everything related to MicroBuddies™. The importance of this recently published medium post is to educate our players, community, and shareholders as to our long-term vision in developing our MicroBuddies™ Metaverse.” He also stated, “Additional topics in the medium post include exclusive future mints, GOO feeding, and our larger strategies involving our recently announced Minecraft and soon-to-be launched Roblox games.”


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Good Gaming is an interactive entertainment company leading the evolution of gaming from traditional gaming to creating digital playgrounds across a vast array of interconnected platforms. Founded in 2008, Good Gaming has continued to enable a strong sense of community, place, and purpose within our interactive experiences. Good Gaming believes its communities and experiences will redefine the digital collectibles space and be pivotal in the transition and perception of ownership of digital goods.


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