Green Stream Holdings Architect & Solar Engineer Both Complete Their Initial Plans & Surveys for Cooperstown Project: Will Meet With Local Planning Commission To Review The Design & Installation Plans For 5 MW Ground Mount Solar System

Anthony Morali, Company’s Architect And KMB Design Group Its Nationally Recognized Solar Engineer, Have Completed Their Plans, Designs and Surveys And Will Lead Application Process And Begin Construction Upon Receipt Of Approval From Commission


New York, NY – November 2, 2021 – Green Stream Holdings Inc. (OTC PINK:GSFI) (“the Company”) (, an emerging leader in the solar utility and finance space, today, announced that Anthony Morali, the Company’s Architect and Advisor on Creative Solar Design has completed his initial design for the design and installation of a 5MW Ground Mount, Solar System at 312 Cornish Hill Road, Cooperstown, NY and that nationally recognized solar engineer, KMB Design Group, has completed the feasibility study for the project.


All three parties, Morelli, KMB and the Company are now requesting the scheduling a pre-application meeting with Planning Board in Cooperstown, NY. Mr. Morelli has sent a letter to the Chairman of the Planning Board, together with a Site Plan, and described that the plan encompasses the following: “The actual proposed area of the system will encompass 1,083,000 sf or approximately 25 acres of land (approx. 5%) within the 580 acre parcel owned by (the land owner). The system will be setback 650 feet from Cornish Hill Road, and 350 feet from the nearest dwelling unit within the property. Additionally, we will provide a continuous landscaped buffer on the south side of the Solar Array to reduce the visual impact of the Solar Farm.”


CEO James DiPrima said: “We are expecting a relatively quick process with the Commission and can then begin construction activities as soon as approval is obtained.”


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