Vancouver, BC  – September 11, 2019,– GreenStar Biosciences Corp. (CSE:GSTR) (“GreenStar” or the “Company”), a growth-oriented technology and services company that provides real estate, financial, management and other support to licensed cannabis businesses in the United States, is pleased to announce that it has received positive results from an initial cultivation test involving the growth of approximately 2,500 plants using the proprietary patent-pending grow and cultivation technology of Progressive Herbs Inc. (“Progressive”).  As previously announced, Capri PHGS LLC (“Capri”), a 50/50 joint venture between the Company and Progressive, holds the exclusive license to utilize Progressive’s proprietary cultivation technology.  The Company also received results from independent laboratory testing on the three strains used in the initial cultivation test, which demonstrated total cannabinoid percentages between 22.85% to 32.54%, depending on the strain tested.


Seeds from three different proprietary (by agreement) strains were planted inside a 200-square-foot room at Cowlitz County Cannabis Cultivation Inc.’s warehouse facilities in Washington State.  The results of this initial cultivation test appear to validate several efficiencies and advantages of the proprietary cultivation technology compared to traditional greenhouse operations:


  • High total cannabinoid levels:
  • Higher than normal total cannabinoid percentages of three strains tested (22.85%, 30.61% and 32.54% (compared to industry averages of between approximately 15-23% for similar strains).
  • No use of pesticides, herbicides or fungicides.
  • Free of heavy metals and contaminants.


  • Lower operational costs::
  • Room used for the initial cultivation test was readied for seed planting in two weeks, using “off-the-shelf” environmental control products.
  • Preliminary evidence that plants can be grown in a sub-optimal space with minimal, low-cost equipment.
  • Lower electricity costs (initial testing showed production of approximately 3 grams per watt used compared to industry average of 1-1.5 grams per watt).


  • Faster harvest time:
  • All plants were harvested in approximately 72 days, allowing for up to five harvest cycles per year (compared to an average of three to four per year for a traditional indoor grow operation).



Independent laboratory testing on random flower samples of the harvested plants was conducted by Praxis Laboratory (“Praxis”), an accredited Washington State testing facility.  The results were as follows:


Strain Total THC Total CBD Total Cannabinoids
Strain 1 24.54% 2.24% 32.54%
Strain 2 9.78% 9.55% 22.85%
Strain 3 25.88% <0.01% 30.61%


Praxis also performed chemical residue screening for 59 different herbicides, pesticides and fungicides on Strain 2 during its grow cycle and reported a “pass” result for each chemical tested, with all but one showing a result of not-detected or below minimum detection limits.  The testing confirms that the plants grown using the proprietary nutrient system contained no herbicides, pesticides or fungicides.  In addition, a heavy metal detection analysis was performed by Medicine Creek Analytics, a Washington State accredited heavy metal screening lab, confirming no detected levels of arsenic, lead, cadmium or mercury in the flower samples provided.  The Company believes these test results are very important given the numerous product recalls in both Canada and the United States due to pesticide, chemical, heavy metal and other contamination issues.


The Company, through Capri, intends to continue testing of this proprietary technology to confirm benefits and efficiencies on a larger scale.  In addition, the Company, through Capri, intends to use the technology not only to secure low-cost indoor production for itself but also to build out a revenue stream through licensing of the proprietary technology to other producers.


“These successful initial test results provide preliminary evidence that we have a unique and effective technology that results in lower operating costs, more crop cycles per year and higher cannabinoid content than current industry norms.  We believe we have proven the proof of concept effectiveness of this technology.  We are excited to continue pursuing further testing and leveraging this proprietary technology. Not only did we see total cannabinoid content higher than industry norms, we also demonstrated the technology can generate cannabis flower at a lower cost per square foot of cultivation than current greenhouse technologies in use in the marketplace.  In addition, the ability to grow cannabis without pesticides, herbicides and fungicides and absent of heavy metals and contaminants will put us at the forefront with regards to product quality and consumer confidence.  Ultimately, further successful testing will generate a new revenue stream for the company.” states Rahim Rajwani, CEO of GreenStar.


About GreenStar

GreenStar is a growth-oriented technology and services company that provides real estate, financial, management, IP and branding support to licensed cannabis businesses. GreenStar also has exclusive licensing arrangements for proprietary technologies that support product development and operational efficiencies for its operations.  Based in Vancouver, BC, GreenStar intends to facilitate growth through acquisitions and development of additional assets, products and technologies in legal cannabis markets by leveraging its capital markets, branding and operational expertise.  GreenStar is committed to increasing shareholder value through aggressive expansion initiatives.


GreenStar’s assets include the property leases and intellectual property of Cowlitz County Cannabis Cultivation Inc. (“Cowlitz”), a Tier 2 licensed cannabis producer and processor located in Washington State. Cowlitz is a leading processor, marketer and vendor in the Washington State cannabis market.  Known for sourcing high-quality cannabis sold at affordable prices, its products are sold to a broad and established consumer base. Cowlitz’s portfolio of branded products is available at approximately 20% of cannabis retailers throughout Washington State.


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