Illegal Burger by WCVC and AmeriCanna Cafe Announce Patented CBD Culinary Infusion Technology Pilot with Biolog Inc

DENVER, January 7, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — West Coast Ventures Group Corp. (OTCQB: WCVC) (“WCVC”) today announced an agreement with San Francisco-area based Biolog, Inc. to conduct a cannabis infusion technology trial.  WCVC’s Illegal Burger recently announced a cannabis themed restaurant joint venture with the AmeriCanna Cafe.  The cannabis infusion technology trial will be conducted in conjunction with the cannabis themed restaurant rollout.  The proprietary technology from Biolog enables the infusion  into virtually any food with a  very accurate dose of fast onset, highly bioavailabile, cannabinoids.


Jim Nixon, CEO of WCVC commented, “We are excited about this upcoming trial and we hope to implement this technology across all of our properties.  The Biolog products will enable us to infuse our foods with CBD, which is very popular right now and will be of great interest to our customers.  We expect a very positive response to WVCV being the first culinary group to use CannaStix.”


The CannaStix products are solid seasonings and spice that not only infuse any cooked food with cannabinoids, but also make foods taste great.  Biolog’s predecessor company launched a non-cannabis version of the product into the market place last year to considerable success.  Biolog is expecting an even bigger response for the cannabidiol (CBD) version of the product line.  Biolog plans to soon launch a series of cannabinoid infusion products for both food and beverages over the coming weeks.  Biolog’s products are protected by multiple patents, which cover the product and the method of production.


West Coast Venture’s  trial of CannaStix will utilize only the CBD versions of the product, but the companies have agreed to explore the possibility of distribution of all Biolog’s products within WCVC’s home state of Colorado to be included as part of the agreement signed by both companies.


CannaStix allow for a unique method to infuse cannabinoids into food.  Inserted as a solid mass of seasonings, spices, flavorings and cannabinoids, into foods, the sticks liquefy during the cooking process to infuse flavorings and cannabis directly into the food from the inside out.  Biolog utilizes a unique patented process that not only completely masks the usual bad cannabis taste profile, but also is proven, via clinical studies, to increase bioavailability of ingested CBD  significantly.


AmeriCanna Cafe is a concept restaurant business subsidiary conceived and launched by North American Cannabis Holdings (USOTC: USMJ) (“USMJ”).  USMJ recently affected a spinoff the of the AmeriCanna Cafe through the sale of the asset to an independently listed public company, Priority Aviation (Name Change Pending) (USOTC: PJET) (“PJET”). The spinoff transaction includes a planned issuance of PJET stock to the shareholders of USMJ in a dividend distribution.  Illegal Burger, a subsidiary of West Coast Ventures will partner with AmeriCanna Cafe to pilot a cannabis-themed restaurant in Colorado. The pilot will be launched in the form of a food truck featured in pop-up venues near a series of recreational marijuana dispensaries in Colorado. The pilot rollout is scheduled to start in the spring of 2019.


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Based in Denver, Colo., West Coast Ventures Group Corp. (WCVC) develops, owns and operates two contemporary restaurant concepts: Illegal Burger, a quick-casual burger + bar concept, and El Señor Sol, a full-service fresh Mexican restaurant ( 6 restaurants in the Denver Colorado area). Led by seasoned restaurant entrepreneurs, WCVC management is committed to scaling both modern sustainable concepts into national franchise models operating metro-styled restaurants serving only the finest and freshest natural ingredients.


About Biolog, Inc.


Privately held Biolog, Inc., located in the San Francisco Bay area, has been organized to capitalize on the fast growing market for cannabidiol (CBD) edibles and beverages. Biolog products solve many of the industry’s most pressing issues concerning cannabis edibles and beverages by offering precise dosing, micro-dosing, fast onset times, high bioavailability, taste masking and ease of use.


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