Nepra Foods Unveils First PROPASTA Ready-To-Eat Meal: Spaghetti and Meatballs

Vancouver, BC – November 17, 2021 – Nepra Foods Inc. (“Nepra”) (CSE:NPRA ), creator of nutritious plant-based and allergen-free food, announces Spaghetti and Meatballs as the company’s first product release from their newly-launched PROPASTA™ line of ready-to-eat meals. As one of the only frozen meal options on the market that is plant-based, high-protein, gluten-free, and completely allergen-free, PROPASTA™ is well-positioned to redefine the frozen food landscape.


Spaghetti and Meatballs will make its direct-to-consumer e-commerce debut in early 2022, followed by the national unveiling of two more PROPASTA™ meals, including Chicken Chow Mein and Ricotta Stuffed Ravioli, at Expo West in March 2022. Products will then start rolling out to select Denver-area retailers soon after. The sleek black-and-white with yellow packaging features an amateur athlete with the tagline, “Eat Like a Pro,” targeting active, health-conscious consumers.


Nepra chose Spaghetti and Meatballs as their first SKU to appeal to a wide range of taste preferences and to serve as a familiar introduction to PROPASTA™ meals. The meatballs are a beef analogue made from Nepra’s proprietary THP™ (textured hemp protein), and the high-protein pasta noodles use hemp flour as the base. Hemp is superior to other vegetable proteins because it is higher in both protein and contains all 20 essential amino acids, doesn’t require pesticides to grow, is easier to digest, and is 100% allergen-free. Because of its neutral taste and color, hemp can more closely mimic the foods it was designed to replace–like ground beef–without the “off” flavor sometimes associated with other plant proteins. This is what makes PROPASTA™ meals different from anything else in the freezer section, giving it the potential to disrupt the frozen health food market.


“Our PROPASTA™ line is truly revolutionary,” says Nepra CEO David Wood. “Not many frozen food brands are plant-based, gluten-free, allergen-free, high-protein, and low-carb. Spaghetti and meatballs is a universally beloved dish, so it was a natural choice for our introductory product. It also demonstrates the power of hemp protein to transform foods, as our meal’s taste and textures are uncompromised when reinventing the traditional meat-based, gluten-heavy spaghetti and meatballs.”


The frozen food market is projected to hit $312.3 billion by 2025, in part due to rising demand for convenience foods, while the global health and wellness foods market is expected to reach $1.1 trillion by 2027. PROPASTA™ sits at the intersection of these growing market segments with its nutritious, high-protein, plant-based meals that are convenient, tasty, and accessible to the everyday consumer.


About Nepra Foods

Nepra Foods is grounded in a passion for food. We believe eating healthy shouldn’t be difficult. Everybody deserves food options that are truly nutritious and taste good. Food shouldn’t contain allergens that might prevent everybody in the family from enjoying it together. People shouldn’t have to compromise quality and taste in what they eat even if they are trying to cut down on carbs, don’t tolerate gluten or dairy very well, or don’t want to eat food produced from animals. Nepra Foods is on a mission to make healthy, enjoyable food for everybody.


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