NxGen Brands, Inc. Acquires Exclusive License To Utilize & Market Various High Demand Technologies

The Technology Largely Involves Advanced GPS Tracking And Associated Products/Uses


Ft Lauderdale, FL – January 22, 2020 – NxGen Brands Inc. (OTCPK: NXGB) (“NXGB” or the “Company“), is pleased to announce that it has acquired an exclusive worldwide license for various tracking and observation technologies and their related products and services. The Company can utilize these technologies to further augment their newly announced digital supply chain & blockchain cannabis dispensary delivery services market app.  It also utilizes these ready-to-market solutions as independent apps and services, bringing more potential revenues to the Company.


The Licensed Technology from MyIAD includes:


  1. a) PTYpass   —   A contactless biometric human tracking for travel COVID
  2. b) MyIAD GPS Solutions.   —   A GPS Tracking & Monitoring Solution
  3. c) MyIAD SOS.   —   A satellite Observation System.
  4. c) MyIAD Law Solutions   —   A House Arrest & Domestic Violence Solution.
  5. d) MyIAD IP Solutions   —   A Analytic Security & Monitoring Solution.
  6. e) MyIAD Solar Solutions   —   A Solar & Green Based IP Solutions.
  7. f) MonitorINMATES   —   A Real Time Offender Management & Tracking System.
  8. g) MonitoREOS   —   A Real Time Offender Management & Tracking System. (Latino Markets); and
  1. h) Heart Watch    —   Real Time Management & Tracking System for Heart. (Watch approved hardware)


The ten (10) year licenses were acquired from MyIAD Corporation, a Wyoming Corporation (Licensor) in return for stock and a five percent (5%) royalty. The full agreement can be viewed on the OTC Markets website. https://www.otcmarkets.com/stock/NXGB/disclosure


Angel Burgos, the Company CEO said: “I founded and personally developed the above products and services between 2010 thru 2017, before becoming NxGen’s CEO, and envisioned that when the time was right to expand the Company’s development and next generation products and services, I would grant the Company an exclusive license. The recent announcement of our entry into the digital supply chain & blockchain cannabis dispensary delivery services market through our partnership with our partner, Bengala Technologies, LLC a nationally recognized developer in this field, made this the right time. The Company believes that this asset in conjunction with my past experience in tracking electronic monitored citizens in house arrest and currently the program running in Tocumen International in Panama as the center application for contact tracing for all arrivals which average 486K citizens being monitored should help shorten the time it will take us to launch the dispensary MJ platform, and can generate revenues for the Company along the way with the entry into additional fields.”


For more information on MyIAD go to: https://www.myiad.comwww.monitorinmates.comhttps://pytpass.app and – www.monitoreos.net


About NxGen Brands, Inc.


NxGen Brands, Inc. owns a wholly owned subsidiary NxGen Brands LLC dba: LeafyWell. Our websites can be viewed at www.leafywell.com and www.nxgenbrands.com. Our pursuit is to leverage equity, acquire, merge and or joint venture with early-stage companies in emerging industries, to stimulate growth, cash flow and increase broader distribution channels.


Our newly added proprietary and licensed formulated products included in the commercial, industrial, and residential cleaning supplies, disinfectants, and sanitizers can be seen at www.nxgenbrands.com or www.leafywell.com and for more information or to make bulk purchases, please contact sales@nxgenbrands.com.


For more information on “NXGB” the corporation, please visit the corporate website at https://www.nxgenbrands.com.


About Bengala Technologies:


Bengala Technologies LLC, achieved excellence in the field of blockchain consulting and development by creating and deploying custom decentralized blockchain and supply apps including Supply Chain, Blockchain and Smart Contract Development applications.


For more information on Bengala Technologies LLC go to: https://bengalatech.io

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