NxGen Brands, Inc. Enters Into A Definitive Agreement To Acquire 100% Of Healthcard LLC; Acquisition Brings Company Ownership Of Proprietary Patent Pending Patient Centric Universal Health Recording & Payment Card Technology

The Technology Registered Allows A Smart Card That Has Been Designed To: Streamline Data Exchange and Availability For Healthcare Providers And Other Authorized Parties & To Verify Prescriptions that Includes Cannabis And Other Controlled Substances


Ft Lauderdale, FL – June 17,2021 – NxGen Brands Inc. (OTC: “NXGB”) (“NxGen Brands” or the “Company“), is pleased to announce the Company has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire 100% of HealthCard LLC (“HealthCard”), a technology company, that has a U.S. patent application pending for a patient-centric health recording and payment system. HealthCard, filed U.S. patent application number 15/944867 with the patent office on 2019-10-10 for System and Method for Patient-Centric Universal Health Recording and Payment.


Website: https://healthcard.co/

The Application is pending.  https://uspto.report/patent/app/20190311791


The Technology can be implemented as follows:


HealthCard is a digital health card where users can view and share medical profile information and medical history on your mobile phone.  The HealthCard allows for users to access their medical profiles and history all at once, prescriptions, pharmacy, doctors and latest COVID-19 updates and vaccines.  The mobile app includes a database of users that can connect with any pre-authorized third party recipient. 


Therefore, HealthCard can be integrated onto any on-demand thirty party delivery platform allowing RX prescriptions to be delivered directly to your doorstep.  Users can request home delivery directly on the app from any local pharmacy. 


Pending patent will be registered so Blockchain technology is included in the storage side of the server records.  This ensures not only a HIPPA compliant secure medical backend that will be used as a universal registry to control medical and/or cannabis related information.  The secure card can be implemented as a solution for real time update of user’s databases in real time across the Internet in a secure format.  The system will allow for immediate identification of system abuse while documenting the consumption of the patient.  Access to the medical record by authorized viewer in real time adds to the benefits that the infrastructure allows to be accomplished.  Also, will avoid any system misuse while ensuring locally and abroad, an authorized database which is patient driven, doctor controlled and government ensuring transparency and compliance at all levels of the structure.  Integration of a digital form of the ID card will allow authentication via biometrics, confirmation of location via GPS, interaction via camera if required and overall access in real time to critical information relating to the health of the user.


Angel Burgos, the Company CEO said: “This system can be incorporated both as a smart ID card with NFC/Infrared and other technologies or simply pair it with a smart phone with included capabilities and that alone would be enough to use the technologies behind the solution. In addition, this can be integrated at corporate level and has governmental applications which can be designed with our core technology structure.  We can with the endorsement of corporate or government, setup a third-party authentication system so business or government can “verify” vaccine status in a secure and unassuming format without exposing additional information.”


About NxGen Brands, Inc.


NxGen Brands Inc. is a multifaceted public company comprised of essential business industries that serve various market segments. Our competence lies in the establishment of brands with specific target segments while associating backend collaboration tactics to maximize our growth and expansion. In alliance with our regional partners throughout the US, we seek to establish partnerships within the nationwide networks of related businesses in the industry, in anticipation of required marketplace needs.


The breakdown of our primary core business model includes, but is not limited to, Health and Wellness products, secure delivery and logistic services, CBD and Cannabis products, GPS tracking technologies, remote authentication, and validation and secure block chain outputs.  Our in-house ability and experience to engineer, design, manufacture, develop, integrate, and go to market within the company structure allows us to streamline processes and to determine the most cost-effective way to establish the proposed market share.


About HealthCard, LLC


HealthCard is a biomedical developer of topical drug technologies targeting the OTC pharmaceutical and cosmetic applications, and it’s innovative, patent pending technology utilizing blockchain as a decentralized but secure storage format is targeting the multi-billion dollar healthcare industry, empowering patients and providers to make an impact in healthcare and deliver value based care. Technologies can be implemented for both private providers and governmental standardization of health record management.

Website: https://healthcard.co/


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