OPTEC International Introduces “OPTEC SHIELD” Platinum Plus Warranty For OPTEC Fuel Maximizer Products

CARLSBAD, Calif., Oct. 30, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — OPTEC International, Inc., (OTCQB: OPTI) today announced the introduction of the “OPTEC SHIELD” Platinum Plus warranty assurance as an inclusive re-insurance policy for additional protection with the OPTEC Fuel Maximizer products.


OPTEC International, Inc., the exclusive worldwide distributor of the OPTEC Fuel Maximizer, will now include the “OPTEC SHIELD” warranty as an inclusive component when distributing the OPTEC Fuel Maximizer Products.


Optimized Fuel Technologies, the proprietary technology owner and manufacturer of the OPTEC Fuel Maximizer product line, developed the “OPTEC SHIELD” Platinum Plus re-insurance program for the additional benefit and assurance of the OPTEC Fuel Maximizer end users by adding a six-year unlimited mileage engine protection warranty.


The “OPTEC SHIELD” warranty program is developed and owned by Optimized Fuel Technologies and underwritten and managed by “Portfolio Horizon,” a leading reinsurance management company.


OPTEC International CEO Peter Sollenne commented, “This is an extremely beneficial addition  to our marketing efforts and further assurance of  the company’s strong desire to stand behind the OPTEC Fuel Maximizer product lines performance and reliability.”


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