Carlsbad, California: (PR Newswire) November 8th, 2018, OPTEC International, Inc., (OTCQB: OPTI) today announced, the company signed an exclusive USA distribution agreement with Optimized Fuel Technologies for their new 2019 All Electric Zero Emissions Commercial Electric Super-Scooter Models.


OPTEC International, Inc., the exclusive worldwide distributor of the OPTEC Fuel Maximizer, will now include the OPTEC Super-Scooters to their exclusive USA distribution agreements.


The Super Scooter patented technology was recently acquired by Optimized Fuel Technologies and is currently in production at the company’s Carlsbad, CA facility. The “Cadillac” of scooters has been purchased by southern California Law Enforcement and EMT divisions and rigorously tested and proven for over 4 years. The Super Scooter has a 40 Mile Range and 30 MPH capability on a single battery and facilitates 2 batteries on board giving double the range capability. The definitive agreement is expected to be completed by the end of November 2018.


This tremendous growth projection of the Electric Scooter Transportation sector has not gone unnoticed by one of the largest transportation network companies and holding companies. According to Bloomberg, Uber and Alphabet, Inc has invested $335 million into partnering with Lime, an electric scooter company. Lyft has also launched an electric scooter share program and has been one of five companies to apply for a permit in San Francisco to run an electric scooter service.


In Los Angeles, San Francisco and Sacramento the frequent and rapidly expanding use of the electric scooters is reported to have a noticeable impact on vehicle traffic congestion and at the same time helping reduce the global vehicular emissions reduction.



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