This Historical Milestone Marks the Beginning of the Next Generation for the Cannabis Industry as Cannabis Raw Materials Become Commodity Products.


Las Vegas, NV – March 6, 2019 –  Player’s Network, Inc. (OTCQB: PNTV), is in the process of changing its name to Green Leaf Farms International, Inc. PNTV/GLFI, a rapidly growing company in the worldwide cannabis market and CBD industries, with operations in Nevada and now Argentina, announced today that together with its Argentina joint venture partner, Cannava, it has received approval from the Argentine government to import cannabis seeds from the United States into Jujuy Province, Argentina.


This is the first time the Argentine government has approved such a venture. PNTV previously announced approval of seeds from a security standpoint, this approval, by the highest government agencies, was given exclusively to the joint venture with the goal of establishing Jujuy Province as the world’s leading supplier of cannabis oils, distillates, isolates, and biomass to a rapidly growing and underserved worldwide market.


As those knowledgeable of the industry know, there is an explosion of pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and health-related cannabis-infused products entering the global marketplace. At the present time most of these products are being introduced by small, start-up companies, although press reports indicate that the market demand is becoming so large and expanding so rapidly that a number of Fortune 500 companies in a wide range of industries including soft drink, adult beverage, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and other health related industries are developing their own CBD-infused products.


This greatly increased demand for cannabis raw materials – CBD (and in some countries THC) Oils, Distillates and Isolates – will soon make these a commodity like other agricultural products.  The company that dominates this market niche will be the one that establishes itself as the lowest cost, highest quality, reliable supplier. That supplier will be Green Leaf Farms International!


As previously announced, working in partnership with Jujuy Province, GLFI and its joint venture partner have negotiated a 99-year lease on 14,000 hectares or 34,600 acres (54 square miles) of prime agricultural land. The temperate climate near the equator allows virtually year-round growing conditions.  In addition, working with the Argentine government, a tax-free trade zone has been established for the processing and worldwide distribution of the cannabis oils, distillates, isolates, and biomass grown on this land.  Due to the quality of the land, ideal year-round growing conditions, low-cost agriculturally skilled labor force and, most importantly, absence of burdensome regulations and taxes, the company believes this joint venture with Argentina positions it to produce the highest quality, lowest cost raw materials that will enable GLFI to be the dominant player in this exploding worldwide market.


The initial genetics includes approximately 25,000 seeds of carefully selected strains to propagate in test plots. This first batch is scheduled to be delivered in Argentina this month. The Green Leaf Farms cultivation team on the ground there will immediately begin planting the initial plots.


These initial growths will allow our technical team to evaluate how the various strains react to the environment.  Large scale cultivation of the chosen strains will begin in September.  In addition to ideal growing conditions, the joint venture has ready access to hundreds of skilled agricultural workers in this area that will be required for this new industry being established to export large quantities of high quality medical and other full spectrum oils, distillates, and isolates to legal markets around the world.


Prior to the importation of the seeds Green Leaf Farms passed a rigorous security plan including all security equipment and protocols was developed, approved, and installed by the Argentina National Guard.  The security protocol includes locking down the entire cultivation area with video surveillance, lighting, communication systems and armed guards which are all now in place.


Mark Bradley, CEO of Green Leaf Farms states, “it has been a pleasure working with Gaston Morales, the CEO of Cannava.  We share the same vision of how the cannabis industry in Jujuy can become a leading role model to the world as the cannabis industry evolves into a true commodity market.”  Bradley adds, “Being among the first to view cannabis as a commodity, and meeting all the challenges we have now completed, has been rewarding in so many ways.  Allowing our genetics to be imported to begin the cultivation process is a major milestone at a truly exciting time, not only for our company, but for the entire cannabis industry.”


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