Puration Inc Garners Interest From $330 Billion Beverage Industry Brand Name Players

DALLAS, Oct.11, 2018  — Puration, Inc. (USOTC: PURA) today released an online management presentation to provide more detail on its corporate restructuring to concentrate resources on its rapidly expanding cannabis infused beverage business.  The presentation includes details on the recently announced spinoff of its cannabis cultivation business and the pending dividend distribution of spinoff stock.  The presentation also includes details on the company’s current two cannabis infused beverages and the recently announced letter of intent to acquire a company with a third cannabis sector beverage. The presentation highlights the company’s overall strategy to optimize the movement of major brand name beverage industry players into the cannabis sector in addition to reporting recent interest shown by some brand name players into Puration’s experience in the cannabis infused beverage sector.  View the presentation on the company’s website or read the narrative from the presentation included in its entirety below:


Puration Cannabis Infused Beverage Industry Restructuring Strategy Presentation


Major beverage industry players are jockeying for position in the nascent cannabis infused beverage market. Canada’s legalization of recreational marijuana, which goes into effect next week, triggered Fortune 500 sized interest in the cannabis sector. Up until Canada’s vote to legalize recreational marijuana, large corporations and investment houses remained on the sidelines. Now Corona Beer parent Constellation Brands has jumped in to the cannabis sector making a $4 billion investment. Coca-Cola is “eyeing” the CBD sector and Molson Coors Brewing Co. has announced a partnership to develop a non-alcoholic cannabis infused beverage for the Canadian market.  Soft drink sales in the U.S. total $112 billion annually and alcohol beverage sales in the U.S. total $223 billion.


With such household brand names in an industry producing over $330 billion in sales annually now taking interest in cannabis infused beverages, Puration finds itself in an enviable position having not only already developed and produced a cannabis infused beverage, but also having earned over a year’s worth of hard knocks experience marketing and distributing its cannabis infused beverages.  Puration’s cannabis infused beverages are on shelves in sports nutrition retailers, liquor stores and dispensaries.  The company’s experience has of late attracted the attention of some beverage industry heavyweights and with reaching the $1 million in annual sales benchmark now on a not too distant horizon, that interest could potentially grow into a more committed relationship. Look for an upcoming interview of Puration CEO Brian Shibley to be published next week to learn more about the recent interest in Puration’s cannabis infused beverage experience.


Puration’s 600% Cannabis Infused Beverage Sales Growth Experience


Puration debuted its EVERx CBD Sports Water early last year at Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Arnold Sports Festival. EVERx has since become the leading CBD infused beverage in the sports nutrition marketplace. The company reported 600% sales growth in the second quarter of this year and recently announced a $1 million annual revenue benchmark being potentially within reach for 2018.  The company has its first THC infused beverage, THCSavor, under development and has recently announced a letter of intent to acquire a company with a third cannabis sector beverage.  The acquisition is anticipated to be completed later this month.


Puration’s History From Cannabis Extraction Patent To Beverage Producer


Puration entered the cannabis sector when it acquired the rights to a patented cannabis extraction process from North American Cannabis Holdings, Inc. (USMJ). The entrepreneurial business plan has evolved since the acquisition with the company now concentrating its cannabis sector expertise and experience exclusively on the production of cannabis infused beverages. Today, the company maintains its patented cannabis extraction license as part of its strategy to produce differentiated cannabis infused beverages.


Puration’s Cannabis Cultivation Spinoff


To streamline and concentrate all its resources on the production of cannabis infused beverages, Puration has recently spun-off its cannabis cultivation operation.  The spinoff was affected through the execution of a securities exchange agreement with Nouveau Life Pharmaceuticals, Inc., (NOUV) (“NOUV”).  Puration sold its cannabis cultivation business in exchange for a convertible purchase note issued by NOUV.  Puration and NOUV have agreed to a recapitalization plan for NOUV and a post recapitalization conversion of the purchase note into a number of common NOUV shares sufficient to issue one NOUV common share for every five shares of Puration common shares issued and outstanding.  All of the NOUV common shares issued in conversion of the purchase note are slated for distributed to Puration shareholders in a dividend distribution.  Look for a presentation coming soon from NOUV on its business plans for the cannabis cultivation business.


Puration’s Pending Stock Dividend Distribution


Now that the securities exchange agreement between NOUV and Puration is finalized, NOUV is working to rapidly come current with its financial reports. Once NOUV is current, the company will initiate a recapitalization. Following the recapitalization, the purchase note will be converted into NOUV common shares and Puration will initiate the necessary steps to issue the converted NOUV shares to Puration shareholders through a dividend distribution. The first steps leading to the stock dividend distribution are underway, and the combined management teams are committed to a prompt delivery of the planed stock dividend.


Goldman Small Cap Puration Research Report: Speculative-Buy and Target $0.25 PPS


Goldman Small Cap Research issued a research report on Puration, Inc. published October 10, 2018. The report includes a ‘speculative-buy’ rating with a target price-per-share of $0.25. The report provides an in-depth overview and analysis of Puration’s successes, approach, new initiatives, and upcoming milestones. To view the report, along with disclosures and disclaimers, visit http://www.GoldmanResearch.com or https://www.purationinc.com/goldman-research/.


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