Pyramidion Technology Group, Inc. (OTC: PYTG) Bolsters Advisory Board by Appointing Dr. Michael McKenzie

WESTON, Florida, September 13, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Pyramidion Technology Group, Inc. (OTC: PYTG) today announces that Dr. Michael McKenzie is the most recent addition to the company’s Board of Advisors.


Dr. Michael McKenzie, MD specializes in family medicine and approaches healthcare with the individual person in mind. In reference to his medical practice, Dr. McKenzie states “I view each patient as a unique opportunity to consult, care for, and address their individual health-care needs. At times, this involves a holistic approach to healthcare and leads to non-prescription drug choices. I view cannabis, in many forms, such as CBD in oil [Cannabidiol] and in other delivery methods, as recently chartered waters with a myriad of potential benefits.”


Dr. McKenzie’s contributions to the dialogues taking place amongst the medical professionals serving on the Advisory Board for PYTG are expected to steer the course of product planning towards individually-catered formulas and addressing the needs of particular case types. Given Dr. McKenzie’s focus on the individual patient and the time he dedicates to his patients along with his understanding of the human body and mind, the Advisory Board is excited to explore his input and feedback on product designs, formulas, and delivery methods.


CEO of PYTG, Carlos Hurtado, explains that, “We are seeking to bolster our already strong Advisory Board with physicians that sincerely care for their patients and who are looking out for their patients’ best interests. Dr. McKenzie does exactly that – he approaches family care in an organic, ground-up manner, with a constant focus on the patients themselves. During our interactions with Dr. McKenzie, his dedication to his patients and his diligence for providing top-quality medical care is clearly of the highest priority.”


When asked “What is your opinion of the use of Cannabinoid containing products?”, Dr. McKenzie responded, “We are on the brink of something potentially life changing for many individuals and for our society as a whole. Research has demonstrated many positive effects of the use of CBD containing products and, as a community, we expect this research to continue.”


Research investigating the effects of CBD have produced positive findings thereby supporting its use in the treatment of a variety of conditions and ailments such as rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, alcoholism, post-traumatic stress disorder, epilepsy, antibiotic-resistant infections, neurological disorders, and muscular dystrophy.


Dr. McKenzie continues, “I am truly honored to be a part of the Advisory Board for PYTG and I can foresee making contributions to the direction of product formulation based on my experience in medicine and my experience treating patients. We have something special here with LeafyWell products and I look forward to the great things to come out of our future interactions with the highly-respected and widely-recognized board members.”


The Advisory Board for PYTG is now tasked with product line formula creation, review, polishing, and perfecting as well as seeking potentially new and innovative delivery methods including restorative sports drinks, lotions, flavored oils, sweets and candies, cookies, along with many others. Dr. McKenzie’s expertise in family medicine and the patient as an individual should provide PYTG with a unique perspective related to product refining and development.


“Dr. McKenzie is exactly what we have been looking for and we are excited to bring him on board. He is someone who cares as much as we do and we trust he will make valuable contributions to the Advisory Board and the products,” explains Carlos Hurtado, CEO of PYTG.


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