Pyramidion Technology Group, Inc. (OTC: ‘PYTG’) Gains Surgical Neurophysiologist as an Active Board Member

WESTON, Florida, September 20, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Pyramidion Technology Group, Inc. (OTC:PYTG) reveals new addition of a Board Certified Neurophysiologic Intraoperative Monitor (CNIM), to the company’s advisory board.


Antonio Sama, CNIM, is a medical professional specializing in the Central Nervous System (CNS) whose crucial role in the operating room is to map out patients’ nerve routes for surgeons during surgery. This real-time data of nerve-route mapping aids physicians in detecting injuries to the CNS which has been known to reduce the risk of post-surgical debilitating neurological deficits such as muscle weakness, paralysis, hearing loss, as well as other neurological body functions.


PYTG’s advisory board is comprised of experts in medical sciences including a board-certified cardiologist, Dr. Mark Sabbota, Dr. David M. Feldbaum, Fellow, American College of Surgeons (FACS), among others who are leaders in, and advocates of, the wise implementation of what has historically been considered alternative medicine such as products containing Cannabidiol (CBD) oil.


CEO of PYTG, Carlos Hurtado explains, “We are at the forefront of changing peoples’ views on CBD containing products and shifting from viewing these goods as ‘alternative medicines’ to primary sources of relief-providing courses of action. In order for us to effectively move forward, we must bring in the experts to guide our company, other medical professionals, and clients on the most optimal ways to utilize CBD containing products.”


Antonio Sama, whose area of expertise lies in the Central Nervous System explains, “I am an advocate of hemp-based products such as those containing CBD because I continually witness remarkable improvement, alleviation, and symptomatic relief from the side-effects of potent, potentially toxic, medications prescribed to control my wife’s chronic ailment: Crohn’s disease and its rheumatologic manifestations.”


Crohn’s disease in an inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) causing inflammation of the digestive track which can also lead to abdominal pain, diarrhea, fatigue, and consequently weight loss and malnutrition caused by the lack of proper vitamin and mineral absorption. Crohn’s disease is reported to be both debilitating and potentially life threatening and there is currently no known cure.


Sama continues on to say that, “I anticipated that these natural remedies were going to work and my pre-conceived notions of their effectiveness have converted into a reality by my first-hand experience witnessing their positive effects on my wife’s life as well as mine. In addition to producing the desired results, these products are available at a fraction of the cost and with less aggravation than pharmaceutical alternatives. I am excited for the opportunity to help take LeafyWell’s products into my own hands and work to educate my medical professional colleagues on the benefits and results.”


Sama’s experience both in the medical profession and as a first-hand witness of the positive role that CBD can play, demonstrate promise in decision making as the company seeks to design quality products in accessible forms to consumers. The board member composition will play a key role in how the products are formulated as well as their delivery methods.


Carlos Hurtado, CEO of PYTG continues to explain that, “These folks are the experts in the human body as well as experts in the needs of patients. They will guide us to produce the formulations and delivery methods that make the most sense. In some cases, for some physical conditions, edibles (edible products containing CBD oils such as gummy candies or cookies) may be the best option and for others, it might be an oil. This is precisely one of the many reasons why we seek the input from these medical professionals. These medical professionals also play instrumental roles in educating their colleagues and patients to the best options available.”


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