Rapid Therapeutic Science Laboratories (RTSL), Inc. engages Ezzey Digital Marketing Agency to Launch its New Lifestyle Brand “nhāler”

Dallas, TX – August 6, 2020 – Rapid Therapeutic Science Laboratories, Inc. (OTC: RTSL) a SEC fully-reporting, growth-oriented manufacturing and marketing company focused on employing FDA-approved Metered Dose Inhaler (MDI) technology to deliver aerosolized cannabinoids, such as CBD, CBG, and CBN, announces its relationship with Ezzey Digital Marketing Agency to launch its new proprietary aerosol inhaler and lifestyle brand to be called nhāler.


RTSL digital infrastructure built by Ezzey – Over the last 90 days Ezzey has been engaged in the first phase of creating & building the core digital marketing infrastructure for RTSL and their product brands.


During this initial phase, the RTSL brand strategy and expansion plans were analyzed and optimized.  One of the first tasks at hand was to identify the audiences that were targeted to be served and make sure the product brands were in alignment. In this critically important step, Ezzey and RTSL decided to create a lifestyle brand that appealed to the mass audiences that were looking for solutions to help them to alleviate those symptoms that most people have…stress, tiredness, and lack of ability to focus.  As a result, a new product brand called nhāler was created with a scheduled launch date of August 17, 2020. On this date, RTSL will make its first three-line extensions available to the public. nhāler can be purchased at www.nhaler.com.


Rapid Therapeutic Science Laboratories, Inc. Chairman and CEO, Donal R. Schmidt, Jr. stated, “in an industry where it is critically important to have a competitive edge, Ezzey provides the necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities to help RTSL set themselves apart by building a solid foundation with expansion plans.”  Mr. Schmidt continued, “we are able to pull from Ezzey’s deep experience in creating, launching, and scaling brands such as Bebe, Estee Lauder, Honda Motor Company, Juul/PAX, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, Simple Human, Target, Victoria’s Secret, and Warner Brothers.”


Ezzey Digital Marketing President & Co-Founder, Ross Denny stated, “it is through the successful execution that you get results.  One of the top priorities is the execution of a marketing plan that maintains complete alignment with RTSL production plans. As the RTSL manufacturing capacity increases, our plan is built to scale with increased demand”.


About Rapid Therapeutic Science Laboratories, Inc. (OTC: RTSL)


RTSL has developed and perfected a new method of formulating and manufacturing pressurized metered dose inhalers (pMDI) that contain and properly aerosolize proprietary formulae consisting of one or more cannabinoid compounds, such as CBD, CBG, and/or CBN.  The Company’s RxoidTM and nhāler product lines are manufactured in compliance with GMP, on FDA listed equipment. Note that while cannabinoids such as CBD, CBG and CBN are not yet approved by the FDA, under the laws of Texas and of many other states, it is legal to consume, sell and export them to legal jurisdictions.


Properly formulated MDI deliver Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) (drugs, nutraceuticals or bioceuticals) through the pulmonary tract. An MDI is the most efficient delivery method for an API other than an IV. In addition, MDI are less expensive than any other route of delivery, based on the net cost per bioactive mg as tested in blood serum levels. However, MDI are expensive to formulate and difficult to manufacture in order to deliver cannabinoid compounds to the level required by the FDA and FTC truth in labelling laws.  Ideally, a properly formulated, properly manufactured MDI containing cannabinoids will deliver exactly the same dose on its first use as well as its 100th use.


RTSL’s MDI are a safe and technically superior replacement for vape pens and other products because they use no heat, function perfectly without using dangerous ingredients, and deliver a 98% bioavailable dose of CBD and/or cannabinoids directly to the systemic blood stream. This allows RTSL to manufacture a scientifically sound and superior alternative to all other cannabinoid delivery systems in a market estimated to be $5 billion in annual sales.


RTSL will market nhāler through digital marketing campaigns and RxoidTM products will continue to be sold directly to pharmacies and physicians who treat GAD, PTSD and other stress and anxiety disorders.  RxoidTM can be purchased by consumers online, at www.rxoid.com.


We encourage all individuals to do their own research regarding cannabinoids, the use of MDI and our products. RTSL makes no claims about therapeutic benefits of its products. None of our products are intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Always consult a physician prior to using any cannabinoid product. If you experience any adverse reaction stop use immediately and seek appropriate medical attention. RTSL’s products are not approved by the FDA or under the Food Drug & Cosmetics Act (FD&C Act).


Visit our corporate website at www.rtslco.com.


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