Treasure & Shipwreck Recovery, Inc. About to Begin Salvage on Shipwrecks

St. Petersburg, FL – August 8, 2019 – Treasure & Shipwreck Recovery, Inc. (“TSR” or “the Company”), currently trading as Beliss Corp. (OTCPK: BLIS), announces that it anticipates shortly starting work on a cluster of shipwrecks, which have already been discovered by its COO, Dr. E. Lee Spence, off Cape Romain, South Carolina.


The wrecks appear to date from the 1600s through the late 1800s. Dr. Spence owns the shipwrecks through a federal district court order and has entered into an exclusive agreement with the Company for their salvage. They are inside U.S. Territorial waters offers strong legal protection of ownership, yet outside of South Carolina state waters meaning the Company does not have to share any recovery with the State. Although Dr. Spence has previously done some preliminary investigation and salvage on the wrecks, they have remained largely untouched since their loss and this will be the very first work done on the wrecks by the Company.


During Spence’s preliminary work on these wrecks, which included extensive scientific surveys using magnetometers and side-scanning sonars, Spence and his divers located and recovered the following antiques and treasures: two 18th century cannons; a couple flintlock pistols and several muskets; numerous musket balls and cannon balls; over a dozen fine crystal decanter stoppers; numerous pieces of silver and pewter flatware (forks, spoons, plates, saucers) and hollowware (bowls); pewter candy molds; silver, brass and pewter buttons; dozens of thimbles (one of high carat gold); over a hundred crosses and crucifixes of various sizes and designs, which were being carried as cargo; a gold bracelet; pieces of gold chain; and even an extremely rare “Lover’s Eye Locket” made of gold with beautiful, almost iridescent, black pearls. Lover’s Eye Lockets were popular in the late 1700s as gifts from a man to his secret love or mistress, instead of the man’s portrait, which might be identified by others, the lockets had only a painting of his eyes.


Hundreds of other valuable items, including handmade silver coins dating back to the late 1600s, were also recovered, but Dr. Spence says each of his earlier efforts were of relatively short duration. He believes that what has already come up was just a small taste of what is yet to be found. Based on his research, Spence believes that some of the artifacts were from a shipment destined to a jeweler in either Charleston or Savannah. He expects the Company to find lots of gold and silver in the form of both rare coins and jewelry.


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About Treasure & Shipwreck Recovery (presently Beliss Corp.)

TSR is a Nevada corporation based in St. Petersburg, Florida, with various shipwreck area agreements being pursued and entered into for the discovery and recovery of valuable historic shipwrecks in North America and the Caribbean. The Company is also focused on the development of media opportunities along treasure themes. Treasure & Shipwreck Recovery, Inc. is headquartered in St. Petersburg, Florida.



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