WebSafety Inc., building disrupting APP to solve the Distracted Driving Crisis

WEBSAFETY is leveraging current market share in parental monitoring marketplace to introduce a new app with immediate highway safety for drivers while providing analytics for this new untapped marketplace.


Las Vegas, NV – November 13, 2019 – WEBSAFETY Inc. (OTCPK: WBSI), with more than 170,000 followers in social media and a parental monitor app with more than 30,000 downloads, is now entering a complementary market to its existent audience: Parents seeking to protect their teenage drivers from the consequences of distracted driving and its fatal crashes. 1


The U.S. Department of Transportation reported that 14% of highway fatalities involving distracted driving had a cellphone in use during the accident.2


CEO and founder of WebSafety, Rowland Day, said, “WebSafety has carefully targeted a few of the biggest social problems in the world today. We are eager and excited about the future of our company. We have great researchers, legal counsel, programmers, business partners, and investors. Our next app is a complete solution and is an answer to another world wide dangerous problem that people see every day, distracted driving.”


Parents are not the only ones concerned about distracted driving; Penny Gusner, consumer analyst for insurance.com states “The bottom line is drivers that are being distracted […] need to recognize this behavior and change or they are likely to end up in an accident or receiving a ticket”. Insurance companies are trying to take measures; the insurance penalty for distracted driving is up nearly 10,000% since 2011. In regards to Distracted Driving CEO for Root Insurance Co. said “We were very cautious and thought we’d just measure it and provide some feedback to customers, but we found it’s incredibly correlated with accidents.”


Joan Woodward, president of the Travelers Institute and executive vice president of public policy for Travelers  said “We’re urging all our commercial lines clients to have a very strict policy in place for their employees about distracted driving—not only to have it, but to put it into practice, that’s really the key to curbing some of these commercial auto losses.” 3 According to Travelers, 43% of employed American adults who drive admit to making work-related communications such as emails and calls while driving.


WebSafety’s patents address methods of inhibiting the use of certain functions of cellular devices such as Short Message Service (SMS), Multi-media Message Service (MMS) and email while the user of the mobile device is also operating a vehicle. “WebSafety has developed a great app to safeguard our drivers, passengers and everyone on the highway” Rowland continues, “Our new app uses our patented technology and will clearly make the highway a better and safer place.”







*Additional Patents Pending


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The vision of WebSafety, Inc. is to give clear visibility for parents to monitor and protect their child(ren) from inappropriate, explicit and addictive behavior on their mobile device. All parents want to protect their children in any way they can. The WebSafety, Inc app enables them to do just that. For more information, visit www.websafety.com.



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