White Label Liquid Continues To Expand its Line of CBD Oils as Company Looks to Capture a Larger Share of Projected $22 Billion Market

New lineup includes full spectrum MCT oils, honey tinctures, olive oils, and more


Daytona Beach, FL – March 25, 2019 – White Label Liquid, Inc. (OTCPK: WLAB) (“the Company”) continues to expand its popular line of private-labeled CBD oils, taking advantage of the fact that CBD is now the fastest-growing sector of the industrial hemp market. The company expects to capture a larger share of what experts project to be a $22 billion market with the addition of new products including full spectrum MCT oils, honey tinctures, olive oils, and more.


Available in an assortment of strengths and sizes, White Label Liquid’s new CBD oils give aspiring businesses the flexibility necessary to target both niche and mass markets. The Company’s newly streamlined website, along with their 51,000-square-foot all-in-one operations facility, already offers growing companies cutting-edge solutions for CBD manufacturing, packaging, and private labeling for a variety of products in over 20 categories and 300 SKU’s. With the addition of its new CBD oils, White Label Liquid now gives merchants a bold array of choices to complement its professional branding services.


“White Label Liquid understands that for companies to grow in this business, they need to keep up with consumer demand,” said White Label Liquid CEO Yaron Elkayam. “Our new lineup of CBD oils will help retailers remain on the cutting-edge of what customer’s want while keeping them one step ahead of the competition.”


Experts estimate that the American hemp-derived CBD market will grow to $22 billion by 2022, with the overall global cannabis industry growing to $146.4 billion as early as 2025. White Label Liquid is well-prepared to meet the demands of that market with CBD oils for consumers and pets, along with other popular hemp-derived products such as CBD-infused pre-rolled doobies, gummies, herbs, honey sticks, and pet wellness treats.


About White Label Liquid, Inc.: White Label Liquid is a leading one-stop manufacturing service providing premium custom-blended products containing hemp-derived CBD oil, all of which are sold to a wide variety of companies including major and small brands, chain stores, vape shops, distributors and dealers worldwide. The Company has the capability of producing up to 50,000 units per day in various packaging sizes and shapes using custom labels and customized presentation packaging. Itmerged last yearwith Simply Innovative Products, Inc. to create a publicly-traded company dedicated to sharing its industry expertise for the benefit of customers and shareholders alike.


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