YIELD GROWTH Announces Completion of 10 New Products by Urban Juve and UJ Topicals to be Infused with Cannabinoids

February 20,  2019 – Vancouver, B.C. –  The Yield Growth Corp. (CSE:BOSS) (OTCQB:BOSQF) (Frankfurt:YG3) is pleased to announce that it has completed formulations and initial testing for 10 new products to be infused with cannabinoids: 4 facial skin care products, 4 essential oil wellness blends and 2 foot creams.


Yield Growth subsidiary Urban Juve has developed 4 new products that it intends to add to the Urban Juve product line later this year. These include an eye cream, a cream cleanser, a liquid face cleanser and facial cleanser pads. Each of these products has been created using the highest quality natural ingredients.


Further, Urban Juve has developed 4 exotic essential oil wellness blends for everyday use.  These blends contain Urban Juve’s patent pending hemp root oil which promotes superior transdermal absorption.  They are tentatively entitled “Energy Boost”, “Headache”, “Sleep” and “Stress”.   All are designed to easily be blended with THC or CBD oils.


“Energy Boost” is a unique combination of peppermint, rosemary and lemon essential oils intended to boost mood, uplift spirits and reduce fatigue while improving concentration, accuracy and mental clarity.


“Headache” is a  combination of peppermint, lavender and eucalyptus essential oils intended to relieve headache symptoms by relaxing muscles and sinus tension when applied to the temples and nape of the neck.


“Sleep” is intended as a remedy for insomnia, with a blend of vetiver, chamomile and marjoram essential oils as natural sedatives intended to relieve stress and anxiety and to reduce hypertension when applied to the bottom of the feet.


“Stress” contains lavender, basil and clary sage essential oils designed to fight stress and ease discomfort of nervous tension by promoting calm and relief from excessive worrying when applied in drops to wrists and ankles.


Yield Growth subsidiary UJ Topicals  has developed two foot creams that are intended to be infused with cannabinoids. The first is intended to relieve pain and provide moisturizing for dry, cracked feet.  The second cream is intended to contain a higher concentration of  THC to relieve pain from blisters, bruises, inflammation, sore heels, bunions, corns or calluses. UJ Topicals next steps are to infuse the creams with THC through licensed cannabis manufacturers so that the products can be brought to market.


About The Yield Growth Corp.

The Yield Growth Corp. is dedicated to the rapid and sustainable growth of cannabis wellness assets. Its directors, officers and advisors have C- level experience at multi-billion dollar international companies including M.A.C Cosmetics and Johnson & Johnson and have worked at Aritzia, Procter & Gamble, Skechers, Pepsi and Coca Cola.  Yield Growth’s key assets are 100% owned subsidiaries Urban Juve Provisions Inc., UJ Topicals Inc., UJ Beverages Inc., UJ Edibles Inc. and Thrive Activations Inc.  Through its subsidiaries it owns over 60 wellness formulas for topicals and beverages, has registered 29 products with Health Canada, has applied for 11 U.S. provisional patents and is currently selling products online in the U.S. and Canada and through retailers in Canada. Its subsidiary UJ Topicals is launching THC and CBD products through a distribution network of 400 cannabis retail stores in Oregon, USA.


For more information about Yield Growth, visit www.yieldgrowth.com or follow @yieldgrowth on Instagram.  Visit www.urbanjuve.com and #findyourjuve across social platforms to learn, engage and shop.


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